A Son and His Crock Pot

A Son and His Crock Pot

Never underestimate a woman with a crock pot and a can of cream of something soup

Author Unknown

I knew the day would come, I knew it. What did I know you ask? My son, that precious male child has finally become independent. Not from any female particularly but sit down folks, his crockpot, that’s a slow cooker to y’all in the United Kingdom, England to the Americans reading this.

Tilly: Keep up, Olive, they’re called crockpots here, too. And slow cookers.

It does sadden me just a bit to have to announce that.  I was excited at first; he is a fair cook and still learning from some of my recipes.  Which to my delight and following in my Grandmother Ollie’s footsteps I do leave out one little ingredient so he will have to call home.  He has gotten good at following instructions over the phone, especially on how to make gravy to go with the leg of lamb he cooked.

In wanting to write this, I sat with my glass of wine and remembered that innocent little red-haired child that I gave birth to.

I have forgiven him for his antics behind a Wing Commanders’ house with a few of his little friends.

I have forgiven him for the dead lizards I found in his jean pockets; he was trying to hide them from me. Even for the six dead lizards, he stuffed between the mattresses’ in his bed.

Let’s not even forget the salamander that he rescued from the water, “cuz, Mom he could drown,” sneaking it into the house via the front door in a box.

I guess what I am trying to tell all you mommies and daddies of baby boys, and this will surprise you, you will survive.

What will be hard to get used to is not that he moved out AGAIN, and bought himself a crockpot. Yes, a crockpot or slow cooker if you wish.

Tilly: And you can go to there for Sunday lunch. And maybe take your washing?

Olive: What a great idea, I should have thought of that.

Wait for it…. HE LOVES IT… argh… I do not even own a microwave… microwave I tell you!

I cook from scratch, cast iron skillet and all, ironstone bowls to blend and mix, wooden spoons that are well used, and, he owns a crockpot.

What, I ask you, what is this generation coming too?

Tilly: Maybe you should give one a whirl? Might need to if energy restrictions happen.

Olive: I finally went out and bought one. They are ok for some things.

Tilly: They are very handy when you need to be out most of the day. Sling some tasty stuff into the pot and leave to cook all day. We love casseroles and in the colder weather we are ‘enjoying’, the slow cooker has been ideal.

Just what is his recipe for this prize winning leg of lamb?

1 large Crockpot, 1 large leg of lamb, 2 carrots chopped, 1 onion chopped, 1cup of water, lots and lots of garlic, yes, he loves his garlic, , (Tilly: Good man!) tablespoons of salt, pepper and rosemary.  Make large gash cuts in the lamb and stuff with crushed garlic; rub the salt, pepper, and rosemary on top of lamb. Place in crockpot on high for 2 hours, turn down to low and let it go all day.  When done, drain the juice and place in a pot on top of the stove and make gravy with 1 tablespoon of butter and 1 tablespoon of flour. Salt and Pepper to your liking, but I bet you won’t need it, due in part to using so much earlier on in the cooking process.

Tilly: Yeah – that’s a lot of salt on the lamb! It’s possible I would not be able to eat it – salt sensitive – the herbs and garlic would accommodate less salt and still give a great flavour. I’d sling in some wine (Marsala?), sherry, brandy or liqueurs that need using because people rarely drink them after dinner these days.

Olive: Well folks now I know where my son got his love of garlic, from Tilly. What do you mean people don’t drink sherry, or brandy these days….You need to get into a right and proper bar and not those back alley hangout of yours.

Tilly: We have a proper bar at home but people seem to prefer to stick to wine after dinner. I have to use the liqueurs in cooking because they oxidise after the bottles are opened. It’s hell thinking of dishes to cook so as not to waste these fine drinks …


Olive and Tilly



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6 thoughts on “A Son and His Crock Pot

  1. Yes, I did manage to raise a son. One thing that isn’t in his instruction book (oh, that would be nice) is boys run in packs. So if you have one boy prepare to raise at least a couple more. Now that he is married or should I say has been married for 25 years, I doubt he still cooks. Well, excluding the grill on their deck. I’ll have to ask about the crook

    1. The bit behind the Wing Commanders’ house had 5 boys… Mine loves to cook especially on the grill. But his cooking is opening a can of chili and chopping hot dogs to put in it.

  2. I love my crockpot! I like to make everything from refried beans to chicken, pork roast, or beef roast. The next day is a great way to finish it off, or reheat in the crockpot, shred the meat, and use for enchiladas or addition of barbecue sauce to put on sandwhiches. Beef and barley soup. Yum. After that first cook if the roast and chicken have bones, the cook can either in the crockpot or in a stock pot, make stock for soups, chicken pot pie etc.

    I have also made some desserts in there, breakfast of oatmeal (not the quick cooking but steel cut oats).

    The kids gave me a dutch oven a few years back. Another favorite! Course it’s huge, and we also have some smaller ones. But roasting carrots, onions, and browned chicken with or without bones, topped with tarragon, lavender, and chicken powdered flavoring. I can do any kind of meat there as well.

    Three years ago for Christmas they gave us an Instant Pot. Yet to be used. Pressure cooker with lots of instructions to get it to pressure, add the food, and basically it steams all food. I can see that for like lobster but not chicken. Not to be used to can fruits or veggies…

    So glad your man-child is cooking. Our kids have become serious chefs and moved on from slow cookers to smoking meats on a special outdoor smoker. And it’s quite good. We get really spoiled.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I love your ideas. The oatmeal got me… I have and use my dutch oven… it is a small one. But I love it. Instant Pots I am not sure of yet. My son smokes ribs and they are so good. The secret to his sauce is that Tiger Sauce. I do make my own BBQ Sauce… the secret is slow cooking it. As for Pressure Cookers, I was raised around them, yet I just can’t use one. They still scare me, just as they did when I was a little girl. I do love all your ideas.. thank you for posting. Stay tuned for more fun from Olive and Tilly

  3. Well I have some things to look forward to, crock pots and all. I have five, count them, five boys between the ages of six and eighteen. I’m sure I need to get them crock pots when they leave the nest. Thanks for the heads up. Right now I’m, not salamanders, but bull frogs, crawdads, tadpoles and other various animals snuck in the house by middle son. I expect that to be passed on to his little brother soon because middle boy has discovered girls. He’s even taken to bathing without a fight. I’m sure those that raised boys will understand where he’s at on the continuum of boy to man. Thanks also for the quick recipe for the lamb. I always enjoy your recipes.

    1. I love it…. especially about the bath and the girls… that is so my son at that age. Enjoy the recipe it really is good. I don’t miss the lizards and other wild things he would bring into the house..

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