Welcome to the home of Tilly the Tart.

For those of you who have mentioned to me or emailed me that I was one of a kind.  Well, y’all are wrong. I know it is hard to accept but it is true. Allow me the good manners that I have to introduce you to Tilly.
Tilly is British, she is from that paradise island situated in the North Atlantic called Great Britian. But enough, about geography I am going to sit back and allow her to do a little braggin’ about herself.
I was born in Manchester (England) but only stayed three weeks – it rained too much … and I couldn’t understand the accent. Besides, which, my parents wanted ot move. I consider myself a child of the universe … hah … father in the Royal Air Force, so we moved every two years.  I thought that was normal.  When I met peers who had lived in the same home all their lives, I thought they were the ones out of whack. When we married, my Lord and Master (believe that, you’ll believe anything) told  everyone he had married a!”£$%^&&* gypsy because after 18-24 months in a home, I felt it was time to move. I have lived in England, Europe, the Middle East (loved it), spent time in Kenya and other parts of Africa.  A  Certified Bookaholic with  a warped sense of humour, I love café society, watching people, learning  new things, eating, drinking, and the company of anyone and almost everyone.