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So just, who has dared step into Olives Kitchen this time? None other than Ellen Arnison. Ellen has worked as a journalist for the Daily Star, and Daily Mirror, not to forget the Sun just to name a few. I have discovered Ellen is a like many journalist, she just can’t hold a steady job. She then ventured in to PR and only held that position for a year before deciding it wasn’t for her. As I said, steady jobs do not come easy for a journalist.

She now stays at home and writes for people who pay. Having discovered the internet, she quickly learned there is money to be had, and steady I might add. Finally, the work-life balance is within reach. Her book, “Blogging for Happiness” was published in December. It’s about the benefits of blogging. She has 3 sons, aptly named, Boy One, Boy Two, Boy Three a husband, the Panther of News. She lives in Scotland, and writes about anything that take may take her fancy this includes autism, feminism and journalism. You may contact her at: 

Ellen Arnison

Enjoy the interview.

1. Earliest memory of your Mothers or Grandmothers kitchen.

Of my mothers, it was more an aura of warmth and good smells. We lived in a draughty farm house and the kitchen had an AGA – it was the centre of the home.

My grandmother had a big kitchen with a large pine table on castors in the middle. I have numerous memories including her showing me how to take the fat off lambs kidneys and how lovely it made your hands feel.

2. Do you like to cook?

I love to.

3. If not why not?

See question 2

4. What recipe of your mother or grandmother do you make that sends you back in time watching (whichever one) in the kitchen?

For granny it’s soup with sherry in it. She believed that most things were improved by a big slug of sherry in them, I have to agree.

For mum it’s baking – she’s an expert.

5. What is your favourite herb, spice, or both?

I love ginger most of the time and I currently have a thing for smoked paprika.

6. If you could be a ghost in that kitchen and watch yourself as a small child, what would you tell that child today?


Probably to learn to savour what she eats and not to consume stuff for any reason than it’s delicious and she’s hungry.

7. Outside of your own country/county, which country’s cuisine do you like or prefer.

I lived in the Canary Islands for a while so I love Spanish food. I’m fairly keen on Mexican, but I think that a place’s cuisine works best in the context of the country so I’d have to say it depends.

8. What is your families’ favourite dish?

Currently, pancakes made by my husband.

Just a few more questions. Please…

No problem.

9. What is your favourite kitchen gadgets old and new. (one old one new)

I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to kitchen gadgets so the newest is always the favourite. Currently I’m infatuated with a halogen oven. Longer term, probably my most faithful devotion is to a coffee pot. Does that count?

10. I have a old fashioned pantry (larder to you Brits) do you have one if not why not?

I grew up on an old farm and it still had the old dairy – a large cool room with marble shelving. This was where all our food was stored. It would be lovely to have something similar, but I think modern living means we simply don’t have the space any longer. When I get my dream home – it will have one.

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