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I would like to introduce to y’all my good friend Maureen Ogle. She pops in once in awhile to chat and have a glass of wine. This time I told her that she gets no wine until she agreed to an interview. Before we get to the fun stuff, allow me to tell you a little about her.

Maureen is an accomplished non-fiction writer. Having written books on Key West, Ambitious Brew: The Story of American Beer, and her third book, Meat: An American History, assuming no major disasters – that it will come out in 2013.

Maureen is a one-woman operation doing her own research and writing. Know her she prefers it that way.

She has contributed to Fox Business Network, and written opinion pieces for the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post. Maureen has also appeared in a number of documentaries, including “Modern Marvels: Plumbing” (History Channel); “Ultimate Factories: Budweiser” (National Geographic Channel); “The American Brew” (Florentine Films); “American Originals: Budweiser” (CNBC); and “Beer Wars” (Ducks In A Row Productions).

As busy, as she is Maureen has time to cook and share her thoughts and memories of her childhood.

Don’t believe me well just read for yourself.

1. Earliest memory of your Mothers or Grandmothers kitchen.

Hmmm. Gravy. Watching my grandmother make gravy. She’d put milk and flour in a small glass jar (one she kept for that purpose) and shake it and then add to the pan. YUM.

2. Do you like to cook?

Love it. Do it every day. We rarely go out to eat.

3. If not why not? N/A

4. What recipe of your mother or grandmother do you make that sends you back in time watching (whichever one) in the kitchen?

Three things: Gravy (see above!). Fried chicken (although mine has NEVER tasted as good as my grandmother’s. And cinnamon rolls (made with potato dough). I’ve eaten those rolls at Christmas for more than fifty years.

5. What is your favorite herb, spice, or both?

Hmmm, again. But probably cumin (whole, not powdered) for the spice, and parsley (believe it or not) for ht herb.

6. If you could be a ghost in that kitchen and watch yourself as a small child, what would you tell that child today?

Pay CLOSE ATTENTION when she’s making the gravy — and be kind to yourself.

7. Outside of your own country/county, which country’s cuisine do you like or prefer.

Hmmm, again. Honestly, there’s not much I don’t like. But when I cook, I often seem to end up making foods in an Italian vein. But lately I’ve been on an Asian kick.

8. What is your families favorite dish.

Oh, lord. Depends on who you ask. My husband would say “Whatever she’s cooking tonight.” The kids (all of the grown) would probably dither among cinnamon rolls, chicken potpie, and nachos. It’s all good, right? As long as you remember to add the love, it’s all good!

9. Since you like to cook, do you have a old fashion pantry, larder to you Brits… Do you recommend people start one and what would be the most important thing in that larder?

Pantry. Would that be the staples? If so, olive oil, good salt, canned beans, pasta. If you’ve got those, you’ve got a meal.

10. Of all the kitchen gadgets invented OLD and NEW which OLD and NEW are you favourite. (One old and one new)

Hmmm. I’m not big on gadgets. Old or new! I do love my lemon zester and my tomato knife, although I’m not sure that’s a gadget. I have a heavy-duty Kitchen Aid stand mixer that I bought about 12 years ago, and I’ve got to admit that I’d hate to give it up. I also have a hand-crank sifter that belonged to my grandmother and I love it when making cakes (which I do often; love making and eating cake). So that’s old and new. I think…

11. I noticed that you state on your site that you are interested in Alien sightings. Why do you think they are coming to this planet and do you think it has to do with stealing our recipes? If so what food do you think they would like when they land?

Boy, if they DO come to this planet, I’m first in line to go aboard. So get outta my way! I don’t think they’ll want to steal my recipes, but I’m happy to share them in exchange for a ride on their ship.

12. While the world awaits your next book on meat, just what is your favorite meat? Ya, know Steak, Chicken, Fish, so y’all get your minds out of the gutter.

Do I have a favorite meat? I don’t eat very much meat, so I don’t think I’ve got a favorite. BUT: I do love fish (not shellfish; the kind with fins). But my husband hates it, so I only eat fish when we go out to eat. But we rarely do that, so fish feels like a Special Food to me. When I’m eating that, I know it’s a special occasion.

Maureen thank you for the interview, now let’s enjoy a quiet glass of wine.

Thanks for having me.

You can find Maureen on facebook and twitter.


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