Olive’s Neighbors

Jo Dunlop

Jo Dunlop Well, y’all coming from the mountains as I have, and loving fresh caught fish. Especially for breakfast, I just had to have Jo Dunlop into my kitchen. You see she started a project called Fish is the Dish ...
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Rebecca Wallace

I am so glad to have Rebecca visit my kitchen y’all. Of all my neighbours, I worry about her the most.  Why you ask? Well, lean closer and I will tell you a secret about her.  She doesn’t even know ...
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Sarah Line

Well, now that the holiday season is over with and I can get back down to business. Now y’all putting those decorations away, making sure that all those damn lights are properly tangled is not an easy task but I ...
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Welcome EJ Knapp

Now y'all I know after my last gripe slamming Yankees you kinda figured I would not have one in my kitchen sipping my coffee. Well, I sorta feel sorry for the boy and thought I would help him out some ...
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Carolyn Burns Bass

I have had many talented people visit me here in my kitchen.  Creative in their endeavours as writers, but never one that admits to having kissed a frog in 1967. Y’all know I would not joke about such things but ...
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