Olive’s Neighbors

Interview with Maureen Ogle

I would like to introduce to y’all my good friend Maureen Ogle. She pops in once in awhile to chat and have a glass of wine. This time I told her that she gets no wine until she agreed to ...
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Interview with Ian Barker

I would like to welcome Ian Barker to have a sit and a cup of coffee in my kitchen. Yes, ladies I know it is a male. Brave I know, but I will be gentle. But before the questions begin ...
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Interview with Cat Connor and Ellie Conway

Now, y’all I really don’t know how to explain this. Cat Connor is a nice lady and very talented writer. When I invited her to sit for a while in my kitchen with a nice cup of the Irish, I ...
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Interview with Ellen Arnison

So just, who has dared step into Olives Kitchen this time? None other than Ellen Arnison. Ellen has worked as a journalist for the Daily Star, and Daily Mirror, not to forget the Sun just to name a few. I ...
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Interview with Hulya Erdal

Interview with Hulya Erdal Born and raised in East London, Hulya Erdal takes her heritage beyond the shores of her English homeland to Cyprus and Turkey. Hulyas parents arrived in the U.K. in the early 1960’s with a suitcase full ...
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