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Well, now that the holiday season is over with and I can get back down to business. Now y’all putting those decorations away, making sure that all those damn lights are properly tangled is not an easy task but I managed to pull it off for another year.  Bout the time I thought I could finally relax and have that much deserved glass of wine up pops Sarah Line.

Sarah is the proud mother of not one but two little monsters age 3 and 2 years of age. I have been assured by Sarah that they are both cute and really quite harmless.

Besides her family she loves to cook and bake and loves her kitchen so much people are beginning to think she lives in that room. She has admitted that she tries her best following recipes but does tend to go off on tangents.  Leaving ingredients out and of course adding new ones. Y’all just have to love those experimental cooks.

If running her own home and chasing monsters all day Sarah is a spare time Pampered Chef Consultant. What’s that you ask?  Why she goes to people’s homes and show them how to create fantastic recipes while their friends buy great quality goods. The host receives lots of freebies, which makes Sarah quite popular. If you are interested in buying products or hosting a show, do get in touch with her.

Now that her have a bit of insight into who she is enjoy the interview.


1. What is the earliest memory of your Mothers or Grandmothers kitchen?

My granny and granddad stayed in Somerset and had a huge kitchen that I loved.  The best part of the kitchen was their hatch they had.  I used to love sticking my head through and shouting ‘dinners ready!’  It was fantastic!

We used to always make scones they were the answer to everything.

2. Do you like to cook?

I love to cook, it is my favourite thing to do.  There is nothing better than going through a good cookbook or making up a recipe as you go along.  My favourite cookbook at the minute is the Hairy Dieters cookbook.  And I adore my Hummingbird Bakery cake book

3. If not why not?


4. What recipe of your mother or grandmother do you make that sends you back in time watching (whichever one) in the kitchen?

My granny used to always make us an amazing roast dinner, most of the time with Lamb, and it melted in your mouth, I am drooling just now thinking about it!  I have tried to make it and somehow it does not taste as good!

My dad told me that when I was small, I would eat peas, carrots the lot at granny’s, but never when we were back home.  And to get me to eat the peas he had to tell me that my granny had sent them up especially.

5. What is your favourite herb, spice, or both?

I use smoked paprika a lot, it adds depth to dishes and can be added into in any recipe without it adding to much heat.

6. If you could be a ghost in that kitchen and watch yourself as a small child, what would you tell that child today?

I would tell myself to eat more veg.  I used to sneak it to the dog under the table when my parents weren’t looking, so I could get a pudding!

I would also tell myself to be more open to trying to new foods.

7. Outside of your own country/county, which country’s cuisine do you like or prefer?

I am right into my Italian food at the moment.  Italians are full of passion and it shows in the food, with some of the huge flavours they have.  And Gino D’campo helps lol

8.  What is your families’ favourite dish?

You cannot beat a Sunday roast with all the trimmings.  We have roast chicken, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, peas, carrots, sweet corn and not forgetting the homemade stuffing. Mmmmm

9.  Would you mind sharing with my readers and quick and easy recipe that you make for your lil monsters?

One of our favourite meals just now is good old Mince and Tatties.  Dry fry some mince drain the fat and put mince to one side.  Fry 1 chopped onion with 1 chopped carrot, for 5 mins or so, add mince back in and give a good old stir.  Add in about 300ml beef stock, a squeeze of tomato puree and some mixed herbs.  Leave to simmer for 15-20 mins.  Meanwhile, boil your potatoes until they are good and soft.  Drain; add a lump of butter and a splash of milk.  My monsters like a bit of cheese in aswell, so we add in a handful of grated cheese.  Mash together using a fantastic Pampered Chef product called the Mix n Masher.  Mmmmm.

10.   I have a old fashion pantry, larder to you brits… Do you recommend people start one and what would be the most important thing in that larder

I do like the idea of a larder, we unfortunately don’t have one, maybe I can persuade Mr N to get one in our new kitchen that I am hoping he will agree to one day!  I would have all the spices and herbs you could imagine, along with all my baking products, flours, sugars etc, that would be the most important, the baking items!

11.  Of all the kitchen gadgets invented OLD and NEW which OLD and NEW are you favourite. (One old and one new)

My Old gadget would be my Kenwood chef; they have been around for years and are reliable.

My new gadget would be, I have lots, what to choose?? One of them would be my Pampered Chef stoneware.  The whole range! They cook my food amazing, leaving joints juicy and tender.

12.   If you could teach cooking to the high school level students today… what would be the most important and the least important thing to teach them?

The most important thing to teach them is how to cook using local, fresh produce, you cannot beat it.  And the least important, how to use a microwave, yuk! I do not like them

13.   Having agreed to this interview are you afraid that the men and women of your family members might look at you a little different?

Not at all, they all know, I love my cooking and baking, and would stay in there all day.

Thanks Sarah for stopping by. Oh, by the way, not having heard the word “MINCE” Sarah was polite enough to let me know that it is beef.   Twitter: scrummymummy85




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