You have entered a realm that is not your usual food blog.

Hi, welcome to Olive’s Place. Olive and her proper British cohort, Tilly, will showcase a taste of history, a recipe or two, hopefully funny way.

Everything has history and Olive’s started in her grandmother’s kitchen. I treasure the stories she told and the many recipes that she shared. I am not certain where Tilly’s history started if she even has one. Tilly being Tilly, is unlikely to be the sweet or savoury pastry we all dream of. Sharp flavors are more in keeping with a lady of intentions, questionable or otherwise, so watch out for her. Her post can get wild, in a strict British way.

Hello everyone this is Tilly,

I didn’t learn to cook at my mother’s side. She made great curries and spag bol but vandalized vegetables and sauces … should have been a school dinner lady. First efforts involved cakes and using every implement, bowl and tin in the house. Huge mess. Awful cake. Dedicated to savouries ever since.

Never upset me when I have a filleting knife in my hand – or any other knife, for that matter.

Never distract me when I’m creating another tart for Significant Other, a tart maniac of note – apple, rhubarb, blackcurrant, tallegio, mushroom … I once put two tablespoonsful of salt instead of sugar into a steamed pudding.

Don’t bother suggesting dried herbs or garlic powder.

Never refuse to taste something – our taste buds change as we age and you might just like the new flavour.

Tilly and I would like to thank not just ourselves for this idea but to those friends of ours, and you know who you are, who aided in this crazed food blog.

One last word of note, Olive and Tilly do tend to comment on each other’s blog posts.


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