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Alastair Hazell

Founder and Creative Director of The Calculator Site.

The Calculator Site was built to provide you with helpful calculation and converter tools for everyday use.



Paul Couchman

Are you fascinated by history and food, rediscover recipes from the 1830s. Paul wants to share what he has learned and his passion for cooking from historic recipes and his kitchen with you.


Jerry W Bell

Do you like thrillers? How about a little suspense? Perhaps with a military background? I served for almost a decade as a Combat Arms Officer. The military jargon, equipment, and frame of mind are true to life. You will enjoy his books.


Paul Watters

Chef and food columnist for various newspapers and magazines in the UK, Ireland, and the USA. I am currently a chef with nearly 30 years of experience and have worked all over the world such as London, Sydney, Toronto. Even though I am a chef I have also gained experience in sales, tourism, business management, customer service.



Cathi Stevenson

Book Cover Express is an award-winning book cover design service.


Antonio Taylor

President/CEO Lagniappe Enterprises Home of Lagniappe Specialty Spices.
Also offers Private Classes and Recipe consultations.



Dee Dee Moore

“Enjoy cooking healthy food learning healthy lifestyles, Inspired Intl Cuisines
I provide Personal Chef, Catering services. I reside in Nashville Tn”



Randal Oulton

“Randal Oulton is the author of CooksInfo.com, the largest food encyclopedia on the Internet since 1999, and Healthy Canning.”



Leni Sorensen

“More and more my work as a foodways teacher and historian leads me deeper into the importance of food production, gardens, farming, issues of food justice, cooking, and rural life skills. I’ve named my Indigo House farmstead work ‘home provisioning’; by that I mean not only providing for oneself but visioning what it will take for everyone to have the security of food. It may be an urban myth but I once heard that the average family does not have three days’ worth of food in their homes should there be an emergency! That’s scary and I want what I do to help change that!”


Hulya Erdal

“I’m a mindfulness and transformational coach, professional chef, writer, TV/Radio personality, mum, and loyal friend, with a deep faith in humanity.”

https://www.madebythechef.com/    https://www.instagram.com/madebythechef/?hl=en

EJ Knapp

EJ is the author of the novel Stealing The Marbles, released by Rebel ePublishers in 2010, and Meter Maids Eat Their Young – A Love Story, released by the same publisher in 2012. He is the author of a book of short stories titled Thief and Other Love Stories as well as the non-fiction book Secrets of the Golden Gate Bridge.











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